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Dead West Preview & Rick Spears Interview
Article by James W. Powell
Posted July 7, 2005

Dead West Preview CoverWith Dead West, the prolific comic creating duo of Rick Spears and Rob G head west. And judging from the images the writer shared with us, it's not a pretty sight, which is just what fans want when it comes to zombies in the wild west.

Shipping in July, Dead West follows a bounty hunter as he hunts a fugitive in the wrong place at the wrong time. And when the dead start walking the Earth, you know Spears and G will make sure fans get plenty of gun play and rotting corpses.

To tempt your appetite for western horror, Spears has supplied Bookshelf Comics with not only a few moments of his time to answer some questions, but also five preview pages of Dead West...

BOOKSHELF COMICS — Westerns and zombies. I can’t imagine a better combination of genres. Would it be safe to say this isn’t going to be a character piece with lots of talking heads?

RICK SPEARS — Heh yeah, it’s very much an Italian spaghetti western chock full of gory zombie horror. And it’s very much a horror/action piece, but I still got my characters in there.

BSC — Are there any particular scenes or ideas in Dead West that fans should be excited to see Rob’s artistic representation of? Any teasers you’re willing to share?

RS — Well, there are the zombie buzzards, but my personal favorite is the gatlin gun.

BSC — Westerns and horror stories always seem ripe for sequels. Does Dead West have a conclusive ending, or can fans expect to see more stories in the arid, desert setting?

RS — Rob and I already have an idea for a sequel stirring but that’s getting ahead of things. We want to see if the world can handle this one first.

BSC — Dead West is the second graphic novel to come out of your imprint, Gigantic Graphic Novels, the first being Teenagers From Mars. What’s it like being on the creative and business sides of things?

RS — I really like it. If something goes wrong I know who to blame. It also allows me to run the business my way; no bullshit, no egos, no nonsense, just good comics done right.

BSC — It’s been a busy year for you and Rob. Should we expect you two to take a break or to keep on producing more great graphic novels?

RS — Hell yeah, we had Teenagers From Mars in March, Filler (Ait/Planet Lar) in May, and now Dead West in July. And there’s no end in sight. We don’t take breaks — what’s the point when we’re having this much fun? No, we are already full steam ahead on our next project.

For more information on Dead West, checkout Gigantic Graphic Novels.

To view the Dead West preview pages, click an image below...

Dead West Preview Page 48
Dead West Preview Page 49
Dead West Preview Page 50
Dead West Preview Page 51
Dead West Preview Page 52


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