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The Starkweather Trade from Arcana Studios
Press Release
Posted June 9, 2005

Arcana Studios is proud to present the Starkweather trade collecting 176 full-color pages under an all-new Steven Cummings (Deadshot, Flash, Elektra) cover for $9.95! This collection brings together all of David Rodriguez’s (X-Box's Hunter: The Reckoning) Starkweather 1 to 5 plus the extended Starkweather short story from Arcana Studios Presents #2! Starkweather: Legacy includes never-before-seen pages, character sketches, all of the individual issues' covers, colors by Harvey Award-nominated colorist Stefani Rennee (Ant), as well as a foreword by Ron Marz (Green Lantern, Star Wars, Sojourn, Samurai)!

Starkweather cover imageStarkweather has consistently been Arcana Studios' more-bang-for-the-buck comic book!” Offered Editor Egg Embry. “Writer David Rodriguez and Penciler Jon Bosco produce every issue simply loaded with extra pages of action, action, action! David’s riveting tale of a line cook prophesized to save the world is awesome to behold in its full scope and this trade captures every magical moment at a price where we’re practically giving it away - $9.95! But for this release, we asked ourselves, ‘Could we make it better for the fans?’”

The answer to that came when Arcana Studios teamed with online comic retailer to provide this already bargain-priced at the ultra low price of $5.97 between now and June 27th, 2005! By pre-ordering, you will receive 40% off the cover! 176-pages for under $6!

David Rodriguez chimed in with, “Starkweather is my baby and I couldn’t see limiting the story by keeping to a certain page count! Alex, Dany, and Solomon needed space in order to have their story told and I’m thankful Arcana Studios gave me the room to create this book as it should be done! Now I’m glad that we can make this book available at an incredible price!”

“We realize that this is an incredible value, yet we still wanted to offer a little more,” Egg continued, “So we partnered with while David put together a special site just for the Starkweather Trade — which features a trailer for the series as well as free pdf copies for Starkweather #1 — and Starkweather #2 — in order to sell those who have heard of Starkweather but are still sitting on the fence.”

Arcana Studios is extremely excited about this book and hope you will check it out!

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Alexander Starkweather is a witch plagued by self-doubt and tormented by prophetic dreams. In his dreams, beautiful Dany Golden…a woman that Alex has never met…is being crucified, and when she dies, reality as we know it unravels. Armed with supernatural powers he can barely control, an inferiority complex, and a belligerent talking iguana, this former line cook is the only person who can save Dany Golden and the only witch willing to stand against his own kind. Hounded by unstoppable clay constructs, a secret Order of The Church, and the very Coven he once called home, Alex must overcome impossible odds, and his own fears, to preserve the balance of magic and to keep a promise made when he was five years old. This is his destiny. This is his curse...he is Starkweather!

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“David Rodriguez’s imagination has paved a compelling tale at the intersection where everyday life and arcane fantasy collide.” -MIKE BULLOCK, writer/creator Lions, Tigers and Bears.

“In Starkweather, David Rodriguez combines seat-of-your-pants adventure with cutting-edge comedy. It’s both fun and funny, and how many comic books can make that boast?” -WILL PFEIFER, writer of Catwoman and H.E.R.O.

“[Starkweather] moves with the speed of a lightning bolt and reads like an un-produced summer action movie…” -JASON SACKS,

“Strong characters, strong storytelling and strong magic…Starkweather hits the mark!” -JIM KEPLINGER, writer of Shadow Hawk

“Conspiracy and magic collide and it’s going to take the heroic actions of a cook to save the day. Dave Rodriguez stirs up a fantastic brew of Masons and magic that Dan Brown (author of the Da Vinci Code) would have been proud to publish.” -AARON HUBRICH, Devils Due Publishing

“I have to struggle to find much wrong with this comic, as typical stereotypes are promptly torn asunder. Great stuff! 8 out of 10!” -COLIN JASON, The Mouth of Madness

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