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Shadowdancing on the Web With Terry Sharp
Article by James W. Powell
Posted August 25, 2005

I finally got around to watching/reading the first half of Shadowdance: A Terry Sharp Story, the daily web comic posted over at, and boy, I haven't had this much fun at work in a long, long time. Now I'm even more excited about the upcoming graphic novel due out in September.

Terry Sharp in battleShadowdance follows our hero, Terry Sharp — a ladies man who happens to direct horror flicks and battle Satanists — as he and his sexy partner, Elspeth, find mystery and danger in the fog outside of London. Writer Robert Tinnell and artist Adrian Salmon have really crammed a lot of story into the four panels they get each day. There's drama, suspense, a touch of humor...heck, there's even a nice little cliffhanger at the end of each sequence. And from the looks of it, there'll be plenty of Satanist ass-kicking in the next few days.

Tinnell said that Shadowdance is a standalone story and does not directly tie into the upcoming Faceless graphic novel. However, for those unfamiliar with the character (who debuted in "Vengeance is Mine," a short story that appeared in the back of Frankestein Mobster #6), this web strip serves as a great introduction to what you can expect from future Terry Sharp adventures.

Elspeth looking sexySalmon's art really comes to life in surprising ways with the Flash animation delivery of Shadowdance. The subtle use of moving fog or the popping of a gun really add a new level to the dynamic, already impressive art, which has tons of style and some of the coolest coloring I've ever seen. Plus, the way each panel comes to life in sequence really keeps the story flowing. This creates an added layer of suspense as the next image is shrouded in darkness just long enough to amp up expectations before it's finally revealed, but never long enough to slow tone the story's pacing.

The strip is at it's halfway point, so you can get a big chunk of the story in one sitting if you head over there now. Even dial-up readers can enjoy the strip because the files are small and can be downloaded quickly. In other words, there's really no excuse not to be checking back on a regular basis.

And if you're interested in learning more about the Terry Sharp series, be sure to check out the 20-page Faceless preview and the Faceless trailer. Or check out the interview with Robert Tinnell, "Lookin' Sharp: 'The Faceless' Hits in August" here at Bookshelf Comics.

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