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Get Sucked into "Brodie's Law"
Press Release
Posted June 11, 2005

Leading UK publisher Pulp Theatre Entertainment has announced plans to release a collected version of its acclaimed crime/sci-fi comic, Brodie's Law, in August 2005. An action-packed comic thriller that destroys the stale methodology of the traditional superhero, Brodie's Law asks the poignant question, "What would the law mean if every day had a different face?"

Brodie's Law coverThe innovative Brodie's Law plotline follows the adventures of Jack Brodie, an East London thief with a temper and attitude, who possesses the power to steal a person's thoughts and physically takeover their identity before returning it tainted with his own evil deeds. But when Brodie is framed for a murder he did not commit and his son is kidnapped, he has to use all his powers and then some in a thrilling non-stop mission to save his child.

Created by Daley Osiyemi and David Bircham, Brodie's Law features some of the leading talents in comics today — the amazing artwork of David Bircham, story by Daley Osiyemi, written by Alan Grant, and cover by Simon Bisley.

The introduction to the book is written by a big Brodie's Law fan and one of Hollywood's most prominent directors, Renny Harlin (Cliffhanger, Die Hard 2, The Long Kiss Goodnight, and Deep Blue Sea).

Brodie's Law features the first six issues of the monthly comic book, all of which have received tremendous reviews throughout the industry. Paul Dale Roberts of describes it as "more action packed than the Punisher, darker than Spawn, and more terrifying than the movie Saw. This is a top-notch comic book with a thundering storyline and artwork to match!"

"This book is unlike most mainstream books on the shelves right now, and for all the right reasons," says Adam Chapman of "This is truly a gem of a book, a very engaging, fast-paced read that successfully lures the reader into the world of Jack Brodie."

Pulp Theatre Entertainment will be attending and signing advance copies of the trade at the San Diego Con in July 2005.

6.5x10" / 156 pages / Full color Trade Paperback.
$14.95/£10.99 / ISBN: 0-9550082-0-4

More details about Brodie's Law are available at or Also check out the Bookshelf Comics interview.

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