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Best Bets: Marvel in August 2005
Article by James W. Powell
Posted May 22, 2005

Marvel has released solicitations for their books shipping August, 2005, and it looks to be another great month for Marvel fans. Here are some of the best bets from the company's collected editions...

448 pages, $34.99, shipping Aug. 10
Written by Brian K. Vaughan, penciled by Adrian Alphona and Takeshi Miyazawa, cover by Alphona

Runaways HC coverThis surprise hit written by Brian K. Vaughan and penciled by Adrian Alphona and Takeshi Miyazawa took comic fans by storm. The entire 18 issue series has already been collected in three digest-sized volumes, but let's face it, the print quality left something to be desired. So did the small size. The lack of bonus features didn't help either. This deluxe hardcover promises to feature a large does of extras! Let's just hope Vaughan throws in some of his preliminary ideas for the series to go along with the Alphona sketchbook we're sure to see.

Here's how Marvel describes the series:
In Pride & Joy, six young friends discover their parents are all secretly super-powered villains! Finding strength in one another, the shocked teens run away from home and straight into the adventure of their lives -- vowing to turn the tables on their evil legacy. In Teenage Wasteland, the Runaways find a kindred spirit in a daring young stranger and welcome him into their fold. But will this dashing young man help the teenagers defeat their villainous parents...or tear them apart? Plus: Who do you send to catch a group of missing, runaway teenage super heroes? Marvel's original teen runaway crimefighters, Cloak and Dagger, making their first major appearance in years! In The Good Die Young, the world as we know it is about to end, and the Runaways are the only hope to prevent it! Our fledgling teenage heroes have learned how their parents' criminal organization began, and now they must decide how it should END. As the Runaways' epic battle against their evil parents reaches its shocking conclusion, the team's mole stands revealed, and blood must be shed. Which kids will still be standing when the smoke finally clears?

528 pages, $49.99, shipping Aug. 31
Written by Alex Ross and Jim Krueger, penciled by John Paul Leon, cover by Alex Ross

Earth X coverFinally, Earth X in hardcover. Deluxe hardcover, no less. And it's all here: all 12 issues of the regular series, the #0 and #X bookend issues, and the epilogue. And of course, like the other Marvel Deluxe hardcovers, this one is sure to have some fancy bonus features. While the $49.99 price tag might seem a bit excessive, I have a feeling that just holding this behemoth will make it seem worthy.

Here's how Marvel describes the collection:
Great epics come along only once in a long while. Stories that push the normal boundaries and force the reader to think. Stories so powerful in message and so grand in scale that the guidelines by which such tales are usually judged are completely rearranged. Spawned from the brilliant creative mind of Alex Ross, EARTH X is one such epic. Along with writer Jim Krueger and artist John Paul Leon, Ross breathes life into and gives amazing detail to every facet of the Earth X mythos -- made evident by everything from his early conceptual pencil sketches to each of his fourteen beautifully painted covers. Earth X explores the depths and heights of the Marvel Universe, from the roots of its humble beginnings to the peak of its ultimate potential.

144 pages, $14.99, shipping Aug. 31
Written by Joss Whedon penciled by John Cassaday, cover by Cassaday

Astonishing X-Men coverAstonishing X-Men has been one of the best X-titles to hit the stands in years, and here's the second arc (issues 7-12) of the creative team's first year on the title. Whedon manages to make the team and the action they get into seem fresh and new, all the while staying true to the history of the X-Men. Of course, Cassaday's art is spectacular, which just adds another element of perfection to the team's run so far. While the series certainly reads fine in monthly installments, let's face it, it just reads better in collected format. And who wants to wait 30 days or more to get the next installment? Now let's just hope that the entire first 12 issues are collected into a deluxe hardcover version.

Here's how Marvel describes the collection:
A tragic death at the Xavier Institute reveals a powerful enemy living among the X-Men that they could never have suspected -- and no, it's not Magneto. Things heat up in a way none of the X-Men ever dreamed, but will teamwork save the day when they can't even depend on themselves?


For full solicatations for all Marvel collections shipping in August, head over to Comics Continuum.



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