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Goin' Off Road With Sean Murphy
Interview by James W. Powell
Posted September 14, 2005

In Off Road, writer/artist Sean Murphy blends the indie-favorite boy-with-girl-problems theme with those of your favorite buddy flick by sending his three characters into the wild on an off road adventure. I was lucky enough to talk the creator into sitting down with me to not only disucss his upcoming book (which ships in November), but to also go into detail about the processes he used in developing a key scene that happens early in the story...


Off Road CoverJAMES W. POWELL — To start off, why don’t you tell us a bit about the pages we’re going to be looking at and discussing.

SEAN MURPHY: This sequence takes place after the character, Greg, got the jeep. At this point, we find out that there’s a reason why Trent, the main character, is kind of messed up when it comes to girls. At the beginning [of the story], there’s a breakup and you see that he’s struggling with that and having problems with the opposite sex.

In this scene I wanted to reveal that there was actually more to it when he was growing up and I wanted to show this one particular girl and how she kind of screwed him as well. It’s a case of him getting his hopes up and having them dashed. The kind of stuff we all went through back in junior high.

She comes back into play later in the story, and she actually becomes, not really the enemy, but something he has to overcome.

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