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Mission Statement
Bookshelf Comics' mission is to provide valuable, timely news and views about original or collected graphic novels in a fair, unbiased, and trustworthy manner. We strive to offer content that is accessible to a wide range of readers, regardless of whether they are new to comic books or are diehard collectors. We provide this information not only to help readers make informed decisions about their book purchases, but also to help the graphic novel section of the comics community continue to grow artistically and financially.

Ethics Statement
Bookshelf Comics shall conduct its dealings in a fair, honest manner and in such a way as to enhance its reputation in the business, general, and comics communities. Bookshelf Comics has no affiliation with any comic publisher or business that sells comics, graphic novels, or trade paperbacks.

Contact Us
If you would like to have your book reviewed here at Bookshelf Comics, or if you would like to discuss opportunities for interviews or news stories, please contact us at

Contributor Biographies

James W. Powell
Saying that James (email) loves stories is an understatement. If he had his way, he'd be reading novels, watching movies, or pouring over his massive collection of comics and graphic novels every moment of the day. Instead, he slaves away on the cube farm, managing other writers and dreaming of his eventual escape into a fun, fulfilling career. He has written for such fine web sites as DVDtalk, Broken Frontier, and Paperback Reader.

Kerry Garvin
Kerry Garvin (email) is a total nerd. She once made a robot out of tin foil for a boy she loved, but was too shy to deliver it. She likes Spider-Man, Spider-Girl, Mario and Luigi, pez, Yoda, and Mr. T. She also claims to be one of the only Martian Manhunter fans in existence. Her favorite comic book creators include Craig Thompson, Andi Watson, Robert Ullman, Brian Michael Bendis, and Brian Vaughan. When she isn’t reading comics, she likes to cook, craft, play video games, and read books without pictures. Kerry can also be found rambling at The Comic Queen and A View From the Ham.

Sean Maher
Sean Maher (email) lives in San Francisco, balancing his love for comics with a full-time job and a full-time course load studying journalism at SFSU. He maintains Sean Maher's Quality Control, a daily blog designed to spread the word of greatness in comics.

David E. Miller
David E. Miller (email) has been involved in the comic book industry for almost 20 years. He started out attending Serendipity Comic Book Conventions in Suburban Philly and befriending top independent creators like Reggie Byers (Shuriken for Comico). He parlayed his industry expertise into recruiting the Honorary Board for the New York City Comic Book Museum. His highest related achievement was sitting down with Stan Lee in his studio office for an hour talking history. His lowest was selling off most of his collection in High School.

Christopher J. Shelton
Once nicknamed Richie Rich, Christopher Shelton (email) nowadays wishes he had gotten Richie’s money, instead of the nickname, so he could support his comic buying habit. Born under the Year of the Monkey, his favorite B—list comic book characters include Iron Fist, Paladin, and the Human Fly. Christopher has worked as a movie extra in Spider-Man and Renaissance Man. He’s been a radio disc jockey who has spun tunes in the alternative format among others. He’s also tackled the production side of radio, working in sports talk and in news talk. He’s currently climbing the copyediting/writing ladder in San Diego.

Steve Welch
Steve Welch (email) is an avid collector of pre-hero and Silver Age Marvel comics as well as original art by Steve Ditko, Jack Kirby, and other notable creators. He works in the medical publishing and communications field, but his heart belongs to comic books, his wonderful wife of 12 years, and their three great danes. He sells comics and original art through his company Albino Rhino Comics, is an avid scuba diver, and believes that life is too short to drink bad wine.


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