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Paying Tribute to a Master
The Brave and Bold Art of Jim AparoThe late Jim Aparo is often said to be the greatest Batman artist of all time. But while his work on The Brave and the Bold might be considered his greatest achievement, there are at least two out there who feel Aparo's other work should not be overlooked. I caught up with Scott Beatty and Eric Nolen-Weathington to talk about their new book about Jim Aparo.
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Party of Five: October 2005
In each round of Party of Five, Bookshelf Comics editor James W. Powell poses a question to five members of the comic book community — a creator, a publisher, a retailer, a critic, and a fan — to get a variety of perspectives on the current subject. This time around, the look at the recent sales figures and discuss the future of the graphic novel.
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Smoke & Guns Gender Yap!
Smoke and GunsGirls, guns, and cigarettes. Throw in a few explosions, some very sexy outfits, and a bit of humor, and you've got the mix for a perfect book for the guys, right? But what about the females in the audience? Well, Kerry and James take a look at Smoke and Guns to see how their views differ on the new original graphic novel that is getting lots of fan support...
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Neil Vokes Takes 5!
The Black Forest 2If you don't know Neil Vokes, then shame on you. What, you've never heard of the The Wicked West or The Black Forest? Because Vokes is a comics professional who produces some kick-ass art), he stands as the perfect creator to participate in the newly designed Take 5...
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Sean Murphy: Goin' Off Road
Off RoadIn Off Road, writer/artist Sean Murphy blends the indie-favorite boy-with-girl-problems theme with those of your favorite buddy flick. I caught up with the creator to discuss his upcoming graphic novel and the processes he used to develop a key scene that appears early in the book.
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Lady Snowblood
Lady SnowbloodFrom Kazuo Koike, creator of Lone Wolf and Cub, comes another tale of revenge. But can Lady Snowblood match Lone Wolf and Cub’s twenty-eight volume track record?
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Long Hot Summer
Long Hot SummerUnfortunately, summer is over. However, Image’s pint-sized OGN Long Hot Summer is a nice little transition read to prepare you for the long cold winter.
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The Faceless
The Faceless: A Terry Sharp StoryThe Faceless is the first tale of what will be a continuing story about a horror film director who battles Satanists. Does this first volume spell success for the series?
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Love as a Foreign Language 3
Love as a Foreign Language Vol. 3This has been one of the most enjoyable romance stories to come around in a long time. Happily, the series takes a turn for the even better in this third volume.
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October 5, 2005

Arkham Asylum Annivesary Edition (DC)
Batman Strikes Vol. 2: In the Darkest Knight (DC)
Conan The God in the Bowl & Other Stories (Dark Horse)
Curse of Dracula (Dark Horse)
Damn Nation (Dark Horse)
Daredevil: Redemption (Marvel)
Elfquest Archives Vol. 3 HC (DC)
Fog (Dark Horse)
Jingle Belle (Dark Horse)
Kong: King of Skull Island (Dark Horse)
Madara Vol. 5 (DC/CMX)
Mary Jane Vol. 2: Homecoming (Marvel)
New X-Men: Hellions (Marvel)
The Quitter HC (DC)
Rising Stars HC (Image)
Showcase Presents: Metamorpho Vol. 1 (DC)
Spectacular Spider-Man Vol. 6: Final Curtain (Marvel)
You Deserved It (Dark Horse)
V For Vendetta HC (DC)
Watchmen: The Absolute Edition HC (DC)
X-Men Complete Age of Apocolypse Epic Book 2 (Marvel)

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